Court says alimony can continue after retirement –

The Massachusetts Supreme Court has recently made a decision on alimony & retirement.

The Boston Globe reported on this case this past week: Court says alimony can continue after retirement

The full text (actually a slip opinion) of the Court’s ruling may be found at the Supreme Judicial Court’s website

Pierce v. Pierce

There are also two bills pending before the state legislature concerning the alimony statute.  One would limit alimony payments in many divorce cases to a “reasonable period of time” by adding in the term “duration” thereby explicitly allowing judges to limit the duration of alimony (Senate Bill 1616).  The other, House bill 1785 would, among other changes, limit alimony to half the length of the marriage, but no longer than 12 years unless the supported spouse has minor children — during which the supported spouse becomes self-sufficient. This bill can be found at:

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