New option for your ashes – Vinyl records

If you’re planning on cremation of your remains after you pass, there’s a new option for storing your ashes – Pressing them into Vinyl records  If you do not know what a vinyl record is, then you probably haven’t thought much about this issue.  (I do not know if this option is available on CD or MP3 yet 😉 .)  BTW, they also do this for your pet’s ashes.

You can choose to have your favorite music or your voice recorded onto the vinyl or you can leave it blank and just leave the sound of your ashes.  This might be a fun(?) option for the reading of your will if you record with your voice reciting your will.  You can even design the cover or you can opt to have a portrait made using your ashes in the artwork.

If you decide to pursue this option, be sure to leave a phonograph/record player behind for playback.

Here’s another story on this company in

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