Geriatric Care Managers can help family caregivers

Caring for an elderly relative can be hard on the caregivers.  The day to day pressures of ensuring the elder has eaten and drank enough; answering the same questions multiple times a day; reassuring them when they become agitated; keeping up with their medications; not to mention the stress of what level of care they may need in the future.

A geriatric care manager is a social worker who specializes in elder care.  They know of the resources available in the community to help elders and their caregivers.  Additionally, they can help to reduce the worry about the unknown in the future; what level of care will be needed,  how much it will cost, etc.  If the elder relative has a condition that  worsens to the point that care cannot be provided at home or which will require more care than you can provide, having someone to guide you can be a huge help.   A geriatric care manager knows the scoop on long term care facilities and in home care, including the average cost.

They are also familiar with the stress that caregivers are under and can give you information on support groups in your area.

The National Association of Geriatric Care Managers has a great website with more info & a search function to help you find resources in your coummunity.

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