Hi there! I have a small, boutique practice which has grown from a solo practice when I was a part time stay-at-home mom to having an office outside of the home with an associate attorney, Chelsea Portney. I (Erin) am a native Louisianan, former Texan , who is loving living in New England (yes, even the snow).  Chelsea grew up in Andover and now lives in Somerville and loves dogs and synchronized swimming.

The main focus of my law practice is estate planning (wills, trusts, health care proxies, powers of attorney, etc.)  and elder law (Medicaid planning, etc.) but it also entails small business (reviewing contracts, setting up businesses, etc.); family law (name changes, divorce, etc.), and real estate.

Because I feel so strongly that everyone should have an estate plan in place, I make house calls. I endeavor to make the process as convenient as possible for my clients. It’s especially important to plan your estate (take care of your business) if you are a caretaker of a child, someone with a disability or an elderly relative; people who depend upon your care. You should have a will drawn up naming a guardian for them as well as a trust to ensure they will be taken care of. You may also need to consider further planning if those you care for receive government benefits.

It’s also imperative to have at least a health care proxy in place if you either have a serious illness or have strong feelings about your health care (for instance, if you prefer to receive less medical interventions at the end of your life and/or if you prefer to receive non-traditional medicine or holistic health care).

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